Zachery Jisa - Founder/CEO of Webvio  

Hi, I’m Zach Jisa. I wear a lot of hats at Webvio. I started this agency during quarantine in 2020. I was temporarily laid off for two months. I moved back into my parent’s house and I knew I had to make use of the unlimited free time. At this time, I was just finishing up school but I enrolled in Ran Segal’s Webflow masterclass. For 8-10 hours a day, I went through the modules and dove into best web design practice. 

By the end of April, I had Webvio's first website built from scratch. I figured if I was going to be a web developer/designer I shouldn’t cheat and use a Webflow template. 4 or 5 revisions later and the current site is live with new additions and content being added monthly. 

Currently as of the middle of May in 2021 I have a small office in downtown Green Bay, two employees (one being my sister), and have worked on a handful of incredible projects. 

To give myself a little credibility, I started my digital marketing and sales journey in 2018 when I enrolled in the digital marketing & sales technical degree at Fox Valley Technical College. While going to school I landed my first sales job as a cold caller… for 5 hours a night I would call Nebraskan residents and pitch them to pledge for a national campaign raising money for police officers. It was terrible to say the least but incredible life and sales experience non the less. Fast forward to May of 2019 I walked into Saleytics of Appleton, Wisconsin to apply for a tier-5 sales position with Capitol one. Basically, a customer service position. However, that day I walked out of there with a tier-one sales position for a marketing software company called Ambassador and the next week I was on a plane to Detriot for sales training. I still have no idea how I pulled that off but it was the best sales, marketing, and business experience I could have ever received and I was only 19. In February of 2019 I started working for Russ Darrow Byrdier in Fond Du Lac Wisconsin as a car salesman. Car sales is very interesting to say the least. In my prime, I was selling anywhere from 12-19 cars a month working 50+ hour weeks. I learned the grind. I also learned that with my digital marketing degree, sales experience, and creativity I was capable of so much more. Thus, Webvio Web Development was born. 

Why Webvio? 

I wish I had a cool back story of the name but I just thought it sounded cool and the domain name was cheap. Some of the best business advice I ever received was, “if you can’t even name your business don’t even try”. So it all came together in a matter of minutes. We touched on web design practices in my digital marketing classes but I’m mostly self-taught. I learned in the corporate world that I need to be creative and building things to be fulfilled. Having a web design/development company I get to express my creativity and build incredible web experiences for other brands. Pairing that with my experience in sales, which I do enjoy, and my digital marketing knowledge, I have successfully created my dream venture utilizing all my skills. Every day is different for me as a small business owner. Some days I dedicate to development, design, and client work. Some days I have meetings and sales calls all day. I run all the social media accounts, make Youtube videos, handle lead generation and sales, and manage a team of two people. I wouldn’t have it any other way. 

 What’s the future of Webvio? 

Short term I’m looking to help as many businesses as I can utilize the power of Webflow. Lately, I've been taking a lot more digital advertising work. I'm always looking to expand my services and give my expertise to my clients to help them grow. I really want Webvio to be a contender in the Webflow to Shopify conversion space and niche down in the eCommerce space as that is my background. I often joke that I’m on a mission to destroy every Wordpress website and replace it with a Webflow website.  

Long term I’d love to have a team of talented Webflowers fulfilling projects and a team of employees helping build the Webvio brand.

As for now, I’m exactly where I want to be and I work on improving every part of my agency every day. 

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